About Me


My name is Devin Ulrich, you may also know me as "Rush_Freak". this is my personal site with info regarding who I am and what I do.

I primarily do hobby and commission work within the areas of 3D environment artistry, video editing, compositing, among other computer graphics work. I have roughly 8 years of experience within these fields, and it is often difficult, as there is always a new challenge, but I despise enjoy every minute of it.

Currently residing in Chilliwack, British Columbia, I am studying at the University of the Fraser Valley. I am also one of the founders of OCDevelopment.


My biggest interests are video games and digital media, my primary goal is to work as an environment and graphic artist. I love world themes, comedy (especially skits and parodies), and massive action. However, my heart truly lies with driving, futurism, and architecture.

As far as my musical taste goes, I'm all over the place. Though, I tend to lean towards the synthesized end of the spectrum: Trance, electro, nu-disco, house, and DNB, aswell as classic/punk/light rock, alternative, orchestral/epic, world music, jazz, disco, and synth-pop.
I also love purpose-written music and any genre of game/movie soundtrack, as they tend to very melodic and atmospheric.

Stuck in My Head

Here's what tune is currently harassing my thinking space motivating and inspiring me. I'll usually update this once every week or so.

Farleon - Millenium (Original Mix)